About Klimaspring

Klimaspring is setting a new agenda for climate adaptation in dense urban areas, focusing on development, innovation and growth potentials. Klimaspring supports corporate-driven development efforts from concept to market to make Denmark a leading force in climate change adaptation technologies. The goal of Klimaspring is to create better cities and green growth.

Klimaspring is a campaign initiated and financed by Realdania and scheduled to run from 2013 to 2017. Its vision is to harness the interest in and need for climate adaptation in a corporate-driven development effort making Denmark a leading force in climate change adaptation technologies and creating better cities and green growth.

In order to succeed, we need to develop solutions drawing on all the different agents and areas of expertise involved in managing and utilising rainwater. This means managing not only water flows but also decision and funding flows in a field rife with rules and regulations. It takes innovative thinking and new collaboration patterns. Consequently, our mission is to provide the professional and financial help that makes it possible for corporations to think ahead and across borders, interests and fields of knowledge.

Since early 2014 Klimaspring has initiated, completed and planned 14 pre-projects, five of which have since become actual projects contributing to future solutions for managing increased amounts of rainwater. By mid 2015, Klimaspring stops launching new development projects. Find a list of the five Klimaspring projects here.

Now, in 2015, we present a strengthened communication and consulting effort based on the preliminary experience of Klimaspring and the further development and maturation of the solutions already developed with a view to marketing.

Good growth conditions are essential to creating solutions with global potential – solutions that will turn increased rainfall into an asset. Klimaspring has three focuses: From downpour to green growth, Growth conditions and Global marketing. Read more about the focuses here