Modular paving system that combines rainwater management with urban elements

Activation of paved areas into climate adaptation
KLIMAFLISEN (The Climate Tile) enables the city’s pavements to be used for collecting and handling rainwater. This also helps to make the urban space greener and creates new opportunities for inhabiting, recreation and play in the city.

Modular system
KLIMAFLISEN is a modular 'plug & play' system: a paving tile with a special edge profile that allows the water to run down into an underground water management system in the form of a gabion (the ‘plug’ part), which is linked to playful and green elements in the urban space (the ‘play’ part).

Local draining of rainwater
The gabions are packed in membranes and geotextiles, which mean that some of the water seeps away while some is impounded or detained. The surface elements also help to ensure that some of the water is used, diverted or evaporates.

Built-in intelligence
The aim is to make KLIMAFLISEN intelligent in that the built-in sensors will be able to read and send various information (e.g. about the current water level in the gabion) both to the water supply company and local residents, who can thus be made aware of and more clued in about climate challenges and climate adaptation.

KLIMAFLISEN is easy to adapt to fit local needs and requirements on water management and is cost-effective in terms of installation and operation.

Expected market introduction: 2017


KLIMAFLISEN handles rainwater from rooftops and pavements. Water from rooftops is led directly to the lowest water management part of the tile, while water from pavements is led to the gabion via the space that exists between the tiles’ edge profiles.

Underground, the rainwater is handled via a combination of storage, detainment, discharge and seepage. On the surface, some of the water is used or evaporates via the playful and green elements in the urban space, which are part of the ‘plug & play’ system, and could be, for example, watering of plants or use for water pumps, jets etc.

KLIMAFLISEN’s modular system is flexible, thereby making it easy to adapt the water volume to specific needs. KLIMAFLISEN can handle everyday rain and design rainfalls. Everyday rain constitutes more than 90% of the rain volume that falls annually, so handling everyday rain can place considerable pressure on the drainage network. Dimensioning for everyday rain also reduces the depth of the unit, which prevents the risk of entanglement with existing pipes under the pavement.

KLIMAFLISEN is fully functional all year round. During the winter months, when there is salt on the pavements, the water can be discharged to the drain rather than green areas.


built-up areas aggravate the problem of funnelling away rainwater. KLIMAFLISEN also ensures a more effective waste water management and addresses the problem of overflowing waste water.

KLIMAFLISEN can also help make the urban space more dynamic and attractive for the city’s residents and users by inviting them to play, inhabit and experience.

KLIMAFLISEN is intended for:

  • Supply companies  
  • Municipalities
  • Property developers
  • Housing associations and residents’ associations


KLIMAFLISEN combines the best from standardised gabion solutions with green and playful urban space elements in a cost-effective solution, which traditional tiling and gabion solutions cannot match. KLIMAFLISEN is easy to modulate and scale according to local requirements for water management and specific wishes for adding attractive visual and dynamic elements to the urban space.

Room for water, living and playing in the city
KLIMAFLISEN activates the pavement into a combined water management system and a dynamic, playful and nature-rich urban space. The pavement still retains its basic function, but also provides the potential for bringing a number of new qualities to the city, for example in the form of green plants, water elements (pumps, jets etc.) which can be used to encourage play and movement in the city as well as urban furniture in the form of benches and step elements, which can be used by those moving around in the city.    

KLIMAFLISEN can be installed at the same time as the pipes are replaced in the ground or with the re-establishment of the pavement. One great advantage of the system is that it is fully effective even when just short stretches are installed. With KLIMAFLISEN climate adaptation does not take up new or expensive space in the city.