A digital platform for improved resident involvement in climate adaptation projects is a digital platform, which can be used by municipalities, supply companies and advisors for resident involvement, sharing knowledge and communication in connection with climate adaptation projects. Samvejr enables local residents to take part actively in climate adaptation and contribute to specific climate adaptation projects in their local area.

Samvejr can thus help to strengthen dialogue, co-creation and collaboration between residents, municipalities, supply companies and advisors in relation to planning and implementing specific climate adaptation projects.

Information and inspiration
Samvejr gathers knowledge, instructional information and cases about climate adaptation for the benefit of local residents, public authorities and private businesses that wish to learn more about the challenges which the increased rainfall brings with it and the solutions that will help to safeguard us against flooding. Samvejr can thus provide information and inspiration for all those parties working with climate adaptation.

Improved dialogue with local residents
Samvejr includes a number of digital tools that local residents, municipalities, supply companies and advisors can use to generate involvement, dialogue and co-creation in regards to a future or ongoing climate adaptation project. Via Samvejr, the municipality can send out targeted and regularly updated information to local residents in those areas affected by the climate adaptation project. Furthermore municipalities, supply companies and advisors can invite residents to bring their own ideas and comments regarding local projects, thereby involving them in climate adaptation and taking advantage of residents’ local knowledge as well as their specific needs and wishes. 

Samvejr as a project space
Samvejr helps to streamline the internal project work between municipality, supply company and advisor by gathering all project information, communication and planning on one joint platform. It helps to increase the shared knowledge level during the project run and to ensure a solution that is both time-saving and cost-effective. 

Market introduction: 2016


Use Samvejr to:

  • Make climate adaptation relevant to the local community and get residents involved 
  • Streamline communication and planning between municipality, supply company, advisors and residents
  • Gather all information about a project in one place


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Digital possibilities lead to action

Samvejr is a digital platform that not only includes information about climate adaptation but also offers a number of specific tools for climate adaptation projects. These tools have been developed to improve dialogue with residents and streamline internal communication and project coordination.

For example a municipality can use Samvejr to set up a project space quickly and efficiently for climate adaptation projects and use the platform to share knowledge, ideas, documents etc. internally. The project space can also be opened up to local residents and external advisors, but it is the project owner who retains full control over access to project data and determines which functions and tools should be made public and used in the project.

Gradually as the project takes shape, Samvejr guides the users through the project procedure, both by providing the bigger picture and by supporting a great many of the tasks which must be completed before, during and after the project.


Samvejr is the only product on the market to facilitate a digital involvement process between residents and public authorities etc., and which can also be used to streamline the internal project work involved with climate adaptation.

Samvejr has a simple, easy-to-read design, which makes the platform easy to access for both local residents, public authorities and advisors. At the same time, Samvejr can contribute to knowledge sharing, inspiration and not least dialogue and co-creation across all of the different parties involved or affected by a climate adaptation project.

Samvejr has a great many functions and tools that can be made available to the user, such as a module for sending out invitations to local residents, a calendar feature and an overview of the project’s progression, an archive feature for documents and minutes of meetings, a comments feature where local residents and other parties can offer ideas and suggestions as well as the option to visualise specific projects with sketches and renderings.

Samvejr is developed based on the needs and wishes of local residents, municipalities and supply companies as regards climate adaptation projects. Samvejr’s tools for participation and dialogue can be customised and scaled up or down to suit both stand alone projects and larger climate adaptation initiatives. 


Samvejr connects the digital opportunities with social initiatives. Samvejr provides local residents with the opportunity to participate actively in climate adaptation and get involved in climate adaptation projects that prevent and remedy flooding while also creating vibrant local environments.

Samvejr streamlines project communication, forms the starting point for a shared development of ideas and generally reduces the gap between public authorities and local residents in the individual project. Samvejr provides a foundation for climate projects to activate residents and build a solid support base for the individual project, thereby ensuring the climate project’s social sustainability and avoiding losses resulting from sluggish procedure and complaints.