Automatic cloudburst barrier for safeguarding against the flooding of basement stairways and entrances

Safeguarding buildings and their contents against flooding
SKYBRUDSKLAPPEN is an automatic cloudburst barrier, which is established in front of entrances to buildings where there is a risk of impoundment and ingress of water in connection with sudden, extreme rainfall, for example basement stairways and entranceways in inner city areas, where it is not possible to establish other measures.

Automatic barrier
The solution consists of a trap (barrier) and a collection tank. When the tank fills up with water during a cloudburst or severe precipitation event, the trap closes automatically and seals off the stairway/entrance.

Level access
SKYBRUDSKLAPPEN is installed under the ground at the same level as the pavement, so that it does not hinder the access to the building or mar the building’s architecture. The solution can either be hidden in the existing surface coating or installed with other surfaces (e.g. an aluminium or rubber doormat, granite paving etc.), thus giving it an extra function or distinctive expression.

Protection of many types of buildings
SKYBRUDSKLAPPEN is a solution for both private and business customers who wish to protect their buildings and their contents against the damage and costs that can be incurred in connection with rainwater ingress.

Expected market introduction: 2017

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SKYBRUDSKLAPPEN is activated in the event of cloudburst and severe precipitation events, when the water collected in the magazine reaches a certain height. The water that is collected through everyday rain is emptied out on a regular basis or led directly into the drain.

Automatic barrier without external energy sources
SKYBRUDSKLAPPEN is automated and does not need to be connected to an electrical outlet or other external supply, which reduces installation costs and means the solution is far more likely to work even under extreme weather conditions.

Local adaptation of safety heights
SKYBRUDSKLAPPEN has a height up to 40 cm and a length from 0.9 to 3.6 m and can be adapted according to local needs.



SKYBRUDSKLAPPEN is a more compact, less visible and cheaper solution that other automatic barrier solutions on the market.

Adapts to the individual entrance
SKYBRUDSKLAPPEN is supplied in both a standard and a custom model. The barrier can be equipped with a variety of surfaces, e.g. granite paving, the existing surface covering or an aluminium or rubber doormat, depending on individual wishes, thus providing an additional function.

SKYBRUDSKLAPPEN has been developed with focus on:

  • Guaranteed constant protection of the building, regardless of what time of day the cloudburst occurs, as the solution does not require manual operation
  • Ensuring level access to the building, so that accessibility is maintained
  • Respecting the building’s architecture, as the barrier is hidden in the pavement/entrance
  • Giving the solution an extra functionality or a special expression with individual option of surface covering



SKYBRUDSKLAPPEN is an effective solution in cloudburst situations, where the surface water can result in considerable damage to both buildings and their contents. The solution is especially developed to protect basement stairways and entranceways in urban areas.  

SKYBRUDSKLAPPEN is a solution for social housing organisations as well as private housing associations, entrepreneurs, public buildings, listed/protected buildings and private property owners.