Smart real-time control of water systems

A MIKE OPERATIONS solution for flood warning and managing and optimising drainage systems

Smart real-time control of water systems is a new solution in DHI’s product and consultancy portfolio, which enables the potential for intelligent monitoring and management of drainage systems.

Automatic control
Smart real-time control of water systems allows you to control the drainage system automatically and in real time, so that the water is always led to those parts of the drainage system, basins or terrain where there is capacity. This enables a more efficient use of the drainage system and treatment plant and also avoids – or reduces –  overflow from drains and harmful flooding.

Optimising the drainage system
The intelligent control also means that you can reduce the need to make substantial investments in expanding and upgrading the existing drainage system.

Expected market introduction: 2017


Smart real-time control of water systems couples mathematical models with data about the drainage system, radar-based precipitation measurements and controllable installations in the drainage system. This is all executed automatically in real time, which provides a detailed overview of the current state of the drainage system.

Radar-based precipitation warnings also provide the opportunity to predict what will happen in the drainage system in the immediate future. This helps the user by optimising control of the drainage system, so that emergency overflow to the recipients is minimised, and water on the ground ends up in the “most suitable” areas such as football pitches and recreational areas.

Well-known software platform
The solution is based on a number of DHI’s well-known software products:

MIKE OPERATIONS functions as the solution’s “water operating system” and ensures that data is available, that the models are put into action, that the information is sent to relevant interests via SMS, emails, web interfaces or apps, and that all processes are executed automatically and safely.

MIKE URBAN is the calculation engine, which handles the water in the drainage system and on the ground. MIKE URBAN is DHI’s classic drainage model, which is used through the entire world.

In addition, new model types are being developed called surrogate models, which can automatically make use of information from the detailed MIKE URBAN models to establish a simplified mathematical description of the physical system. One big advantage of the surrogate models is that the calculation time is significantly lower, which makes it possible to use them for real-time optimisation and better management of drainage systems. 


  • Is often a better and cheaper method of handling rainfall in terms of the physical construction of the drainage system
  • Makes it possible to manage the water and thus use it as an attractive urban element – for example as open stretches of flowing water, lakes and waterfronts
  • Supports a gradual investment and implementation approach, whereby each individual phase offers immediate value for the customer in terms of:
  • Access to real-time data and use of real-time data for better control of the system
  • Establishment of models for better system understanding and a better basis for making the right investments
  • Use of models for real-time warnings – gives an operational overview of the system and a better basis for emergency management in crisis situations
  • Optimised automated control of the complete system


  • Supply companies
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Emergency preparedness teams

The solution can be used in all major cities across the world which face flooding problems and a connecting physical infrastructure.