A total solution for handling rainwater on roads and streets, thereby adding new value and functionality to urban spaces

Controlled management of rainwater
With VANDVEJEN, the days of uncontrollable flooding and roads under streams of water are over.  This is because VANDVEJEN does not only use the road for transport, but also to handle both large and small amounts of rainwater.

Attractive streets and urban spaces
VANDVEJEN also provides the opportunity to create attractive and more functional, green streets and urban spaces. This is because VANDVEJEN can be combined, for example, with the establishment of infiltration beds and urban furniture such as benches and bicycle racks, without affecting the need for accessibility and road safety.

Special road profile and water bar
VANDVEJEN comprises two parts: a specially adapted road profile, which leads away the water, and a water bar, which receives and handles the water. The water bar can hold normal, everyday precipitation up to a desired service level, while the road profile means that the system has the necessary additional capacity to function as a temporary reservoir in the event of cloudburst.

Flexible design
The water bar can be established either as a sealed drain in the middle of the road or as a combined open-vented and sealed drain along the road. The open drains mean that the water will be a visible component in the urban space – without however posing a hazard or nuisance to road users or pedestrians. VANDVEJEN’S flexible design ensures a cost-effective solution that can easily be adapted to local needs.

Expected market introduction: 2017

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VANDVEJEN functions as an effective stormwater road and is combined easily into a larger, coherent cloudburst management infrastructure that enables both transportation and the detention of large amounts of rainwater. The solution ensures a cost-effective and flexible climate change adaptation of the drainage system, which also improves the aquatic environment by reducing the overflow of waste water from the sewers into lakes, rivers and the sea.

VANDVEJEN is primarily a solution for supply companies and municipalities, but can also be an attractive solution for jointly-owned private roads or business clients with large parking areas, for example.


The road that can do so much more than transport traffic

With VANDVEJEN, the city’s many kilometres of roads can be used for so much more than just transport. VANDVEJEN can thus help reduce the risk of flooding in towns and cities, where the proliferation of built-up areas makes it hard to funnel away the rainwater in cases of extreme precipitation.

VANDVEJEN is competitively priced when compared with other rainwater management solutions, including combined sewer systems, permeable paving, infiltration basins etc. The solution is also flexible and can be scaled up or down based on local requirements for water management, and is just as easy to install and maintain.

By combining technical expertise, function and recreational values into one complete solution, VANDVEJEN creates a space for both water and urban life in the city, thereby making the city a better place to live and move around in.

With increasing and more extreme rainfall and a demand for good, healthy urban spaces, finding new ways of activating the city is essential. VANDVEJEN makes it possible to get more from the city’s infrastructure and urban spaces by utilising the same spaces for multiple purposes, that is by using the road to create a living and much greener city, as well as to manage the growing challenge of extreme rainfall.

VANDVEJEN can also help to create an attractive and active urban space, as the system provides the opportunity to make the rainwater visible and combine the management of rainwater with a number of other functions and options such as benches, detention basins etc.

VANDVEJEN does not only take care of the technical aspects of rainwater management, but also contains recreational elements that help to create a good, healthy urban area for the city’s residents.


VANDVEJEN is a flexible modular solution, which is easy to dimension according to one’s precise needs.

A system with open vented and/or sealed water bars can handle normal rainfall from the road surface up to a traditional rainwater drainage capacity (e.g. 5 or 10 years’ rainfall). In the event that the calculated rainwater drainage capacity is exceeded (for example in the event of cloudburst) the road surface area itself can be used as a temporary storage solution for the rainwater. The system can also handle water from connecting roof areas.

Depending on local conditions, the water can either be transported quickly onwards or delayed and then led to suitable nearby areas or recipients. If conditions allow it, the water bar can also be designed for drainage directly through the base.

In the case of extreme rainfall, the entire road acts as a temporary reservoir, assuming the capacity can be adjusted based on the gradient of the road and the height of the pavements. The system can also be linked up to an existing drain and thereby act as a detention basin.

When it comes to cleaning water from the road, the system is compatible with a number of cleaning solutions.