The focuses of Klimaspring

Good growth conditions are essential to creating solutions with global potential – solutions that will turn increased rainfall into an asset. Klimaspring has three focuses: From downpour to green growth; Growth conditions and Global marketing.

We all know the problems caused by too heavy rainfalls – now it is time to develop the solutions. This is why Klimaspring centres on the unfulfilled potential and value of regarding the rain as a resource rather than a problem, and on supporting corporate growth and innovation aimed at creating green and living cities.

From downpour to green growth

Creating better cities.

Throughout the world, cities are regularly hit by violent downpours resulting in flooding. Densely populated urban areas are particularly vulnerable since the excess water cannot drain away fast enough. What is more, climate projections indicate that this challenge will only grow: Downpours will increase in number as well as severity. But freshwater can also create growth and life in cities.This is why we need to develop solutions that turn rain into a resource rather than a problem.

With its aim to create better cities, the Klimaspring campaign naturally also centres on the additional value created by such projects, such as:

  • health and increased well-being for citizens, i.e. projects that promote exercise and access to recreational spaces.
  • more environmentally friendly and biodiverse cities, i.e. projects that contribute to promoting nature and biodiversity in urban environments.
  • social relationships and cohesion, i.e. projects that contribute to boosting social relations in cities or creating better social cohesion in city communities based on a shared understanding of the challenges of climate adaptation.
  • better city infrastructure – in relation to new construction projects and the renovation of existing ones.
  • city beautification, i.e. that the design and architecture of projects contribute to the aesthetic value of the city environment.

Growth conditions

A new climate agenda creates favourable growth conditions for climate adaptation efforts.

Denmark is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to politics and investments favouring comprehensive preventive measures. This position is an excellent stepping-stone for businesses that focus on developing climate adaptation solutions.

Favourable growth conditions are all about:

  • Commitment – political commitment to creating a new climate adaptation agenda focusing on green growth.
  • Knowledge – research and enduring development environments.
  • Growth – investments in climate adaptation

Global marketing

Climate adaptation solutions have global market potential.

Cities across the world are facing the same climate adaptation challenges as Denmark. So why just develop national solutions to a global problem? Climate adaptation is a global challenge offering global market potentials.

One analysis estimates a global market potential of $ 19 to 141 billion a year by 2030. Another estimate sets the annual potential to $ 6.8 billion by 2020. Both analyses emphasise the growing global need of investment in climate adaptation solutions along with the growing acknowledgement of this need, particularly among public decision makers, so the market potential is likely to be fulfilled.